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Vlone Thank God I'm Lonely Tee

Vlone Thank God I’m Lonely Tee

Vlone x Friends
Vlone x Friends Drilling Logo T-Shirt

Vlone x Friends Drilling Logo T-Shirt

Vlone x Friends

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Vlone Face Mask - White

Vlone Face Mask – White

Vlone Facemask
Vlone V Logo Mask - Red

Vlone V Logo Mask – Red

Vlone Facemask
Vlone Stylish Logo Facemask

Vlone Stylish Logo Facemask

Vlone Facemask

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Vlone x Friends Angels Tee - Back

Vlone x Friends Angels Tee

Vlone x Friends

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Our Prestige - The History & Struggle

Jabari Shelton aka A$AP Bari – A American streetwear designer and entrepreneur who founded this famous brand VLONE in 2011. This brand was originally founded by A$AP K after the success of A$AP Mob. Vlone Garment items became quickly famous among the public due to the joint efforts of singers, fashion designers, and rappers. In 2014, they launched their first collection of amazing shirts, hoodies, and jackets. In 2017, Vlone partnerships with Nike and later on started collaborating with other famous artists like Vlone Juice Wrld, Vlone NBA Youngboy, Vlone The Weeknd, and other rappers. The success of this brand lies in the collaborative efforts and struggle of all the members of A$AP Mob, A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti, and Ian Connor.

Vlone is not simply a brand but it is culture and religion with a famous but simple “V” logo. It means “Live on your own and die on your own”. Its name is widely well-known among the public and famous artists, people even agree to adopt it as a religion. The idea of Vlone represents minds, lifestyle, and thinking. It is a collection of different lifestyles “Live VLONE, Die VLONE”. This slogan was adopted from the famous Hollywood movie “Donnie Darko” in which he was chatting with a woman and she told, “Every living thing dies alone”. This vague dialogue is actually adopted by Vlone and it seems really unique. Vlone has close relation with A$AP Mob because both the names were found at the same place in New York “Harlem”.

Vlone Garments is the official store of the Brand and sells a wide variety of original and unique Vlone T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Long sleeves, and other clothing. We keep ourselves updated by working with the designers and makers to launch the latest fashion and vintage products. We believe in our famous slogan “Live Alone and Die Alone”. A brand that was started from Harlem’s street and is now famous all over the country. We have now high-quality and pure collaborative productsVlone x Pop Smoke“, “Vlone x Playboi Carti“, “Vlone x NBA Youngboy” and “Vlone x The Weeknd“.

A$AP Rocky - VLONE Founder

The Famous "V" Logo

You may have seen the extended “V” logo on the shirts, hoodies, and jackets of A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky. It has become the signature and recognition of the Vlone brand. According to the founder, VLONE is neither streetwear nor a high fashion, it is just for the residents of Harlem. The standard font used for the Vlone logo is conventional but it is slightly modified and stretched a bit. We keep on changing its color and shadow on our different clothing lines. On black hoodies and shirts, we use the white “V” logo, while on white garments, we use the black “V” logo.

Sometimes we use the full word “VLONE” but change the color of “V” to give the clear message of our founders that V means “WE” and lone means “ALONE”. The term “Friends” on our garments along with a negative symbol meant to declare the negative meaning. So it means “NO FRIENDS” or “ZERO FRIENDS”. With the passage of time, we started using circles around the negative sign after talking with A$AP Bari and A$AP Rocky because without the circle it was often ignored. Now with the circle, one can clearly see and understand its meaning.

VLONE Garments/Clothing

In 2014, A$AP Rocky released a successful music video that further uprises the sales of VLONE. Before that, we were just selling t-shirts and hoodies, then at Paris Fashion Week, to influence the youth and rappers, we introduced sweatshirts, jackets, and other streetwear. Before launching this online store, we were selling our branded clothes in a store located in Los Angeles. Our limited editions t-shirts and hoodies were quickly picked up by skateboarders and youth.

In 2017, Vlone Partnered up with Nike and off-white, which was the most significant milestone in the history of the brand since its launch. We then designed different variations of streetwear in the same street where A$AP Mob was founded. VLONE also paid the tribute to the legendary American artist by introducingVlone X Tupac Shakur“. The core message of our clothing is “VLONE means class rather than being just alone”.